Ep. 19: Yoga is NOT What You Think It Is – the Truth about Yoga


In these turbulent times, it is imperative to take charge of our holistic health – mentally, emotionally, physically, and probably the most important of them all but overlooked, our energetic health known as prana. The life force that flows through us. The true meaning of yoga has been convoluted and diluted through Western misappropriation. It’s not about having a perfect body and you do *not* measure your progress or set *goals* on your ability to get into difficult asanas (postures). Too many people become hung up with the physicality of yoga when the asana (posture) is actually a science to strengthen the energetic body.


In this fascinating discussion, Subhan shares the true meaning of yoga, the *real* transformative power and science behind this system and the real reason why the yogasanas (postures) exist.


Subhan’s website: https://hathayogaeffect.com/


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