Tyranny Down Under – Melbourne Mum Speaks Out Against Stage 4 Lockdown

Written by Yogeeta Mistry

10 September 2020

For her safety, her identity has been concealed due to the tyrannical powers the po-lice currently have in Melbourne. Facebook accounts are bring monitored and account holders arrested for speaking out against the government and inciting protests and rebellion. As you’ll hear, some had their front doors beaten down with battering rams and then arrested. What you’re about to hear from Melbourne Mum is beyond shocking.
We ALL need to rise up in unity and in support of our sisters and brothers around the world in the face of this tyranny. Enough is enough. Here are the links to the videos and downloads I mention:
Mark Devlin video Proving Covid is a Hoax – https://youtu.be/INTzkFHJxew

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