Ep. 13: The Ugly Truth About Sustainable Development with Sandi Adams


Links to Sandi’s site: https://sandiadams.net where you will find a wealth of information about Agenda 21.


Agenda 21 is fact. Check out this video to see the evidence for yourself.


Sandi has been researching and speaking about UN Agenda 21/2030 for over 10 years, cleverly dressed up as “Sustainable Development” and now “The Great Reset”.


Sandi worked in the Corporate world for 20 years as a set designer in London, until she had her own awakening and moved to Glastonbury, UK in 2009. In 2014 Sandi helped sandbagging during the flooding of the Somerset levels and realised that the flood was not caused by high spring rainfall, but by UN Agenda 21 policies to protect biodiversity.


Since then she has spoken all over the UK to raise awareness about UN Agenda 21/2030 Sustainable Development, The Smart City Agenda and the health risks of 5G. Sandi has been instrumental in getting Glastonbury’s Green Town Council to halt 5G, pending inquiries into the dangers. More recently she has spoken out about how the “pandemic” has been very timely to accelerate the goals of Agenda 21/30 and bring in the dystopian future of Global Governance that we are currently experiencing.

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