Ep. 23: The Root of all Evil – The City of London and the Crown Corporation

In context to current geo-political events, the transhumanist agenda and totalitarian takeover of the planet under the guise of the pandemic, Dean Henderson talks about the *major* role of the crown corporation as the absolute head of the beast relative to these agendas which is not discussed openly enough.

In this interview, amongst current subjects related to the alleged pandemic, he speaks about the banking cartel, the Nephilim bloodlines of the Crown, the origin of these bloodlines, and how the luciferian agenda is the plan to destroy creation.

He talks of solutions, the major solution being the dissolution of the crown/City of London. He’s the author of six books which are all available on Amazon in both print & Kindle formats and include: The Federal Reserve Cartel, Illuminati Agenda 21: The Luciferian Plan to Destroy Creation and most recent Nephilim Crown 5G Apocalypse.

Dean is a researcher, writer, speaker and political analyst for Press TV, RT, Russia Channel 1, The Syria Times, Rense Radio, Tactical Talk with Zain Khan, The Richie Allen Show & many others. In 2018, Dean spoke at the Deep Truth conference in New York City, where he delivered a speech entitled, “All Roads Lead to the City of London” as part of the Confronting Oligarchy: Resisting Full Spectrum Dominance panel.

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  1. Jason Liosatos

    Great talk Yogeeta and Dean, thank you. Jason

    • Yogeeta Mistry

      Thanks Jason and thanking you for the introduction 🙂

      • Sue fownes

        Excellent interview .
        Really informative

        • Yogeeta Mistry

          Glad to hear Sue thanks for the comment 🙏🏽

  2. Vivienne

    Great interview…. I personally research and got the gist…. But, l feel for those who haven’t, this will be over their heads. …. 8th Jan… I hear Sweden introduce lockdown measures…. We are here… We know… It is difficult both sides of the fence. Breath in..breath out.. Keep God close.

    • Yogeeta Mistry

      Yes it might be too esoteric for some but if it at least piques someone’s interest then it’ll open up the consciousness to read, research and look for more answers. Not heard about Sweden lockdowns. So much to keep up with at the moment. God is within all of us…closer than close.

  3. sue fownes

    I would like to comment with regards why the mon arch needs to go
    Andy isn’t the only criminal ..there are worse perpetrators
    Jon wedger has a fb page .. he has a live interview with Darren Jeffries who gives his testimony to the abuse he suffered as a child a young boy resident of a children’s home based near Bristol /bath
    Darren is only one of two survivors.
    He describes how twelve boys would be regularily bused to a place known as rainbow woods where an elite club would have them stripped to hunt them and then brutally beat and sodomise them ,

    Joan Coleman was an amazing woman who was dedicated to help
    brutally traumatised children of SRA
    Out of the evidence of years of work she compiled the Rains List …some eminent people are listed
    The late Jeffrey Dickens is one of the few MPs who attempted to expose the pedo sra in Westminster

    Mike Tarraga write The Meat Rack Boy …it is his true account of what happened to him as a young boy in social services care
    In relation to the eu ..we may recall that we were driven into this by PM ted Heath .. mike recounts his experience with Ted Heath and cliff Richard “kitty” – likely short firm of word catamite ..for his work as a prostitue spy ..”pillow talk ” is an old way .A catamite was the name given by Ancient Greek and Roman families for a child slave owned soecifually to be sodomised .
    Mary Beard. the famous historian had her life threaded for her work on the Caligula family.

    I heard that 18,35o children went missing in our country last year ..without trace .
    Samantha Browne a survivor who has a page on fb has talked about this.
    .Thes are the children who have birth certificates and are registered in the health care system ..no one talks about the children that arrive in NATO submarines to our shores and transported by lorries to our cities .(it’s epidemic )

    We didn’t see one face of these registered children on MSM .Its as though only one child ever when missing ,little maddie McCann .
    When you wonder why ..and why so many children…how is it possible ?
    Research family courts and how often children are removed from loving families /parents who are just struggling economically or Becuase of health .
    We might wonder why the system does not support keeping the family together yet the fostering and adoption business can afford giant billboard advertising .

    When we consider MSM and their agenda
    We might ask why Wilfred Wong and other members of a rescue team,at the mercy of north Wales police and MSM were cited as kidnapping a boy at knifepoint
    They failed to mention that Sam Hill the eight year old boy was with his mum and aunt in the car …
    They didn’t mention that anke Hill the boy’s mother. had presented the police and social services with a four hundred page document of disclosures made by her son of being taken to a church in Anglesey and ritualistically abused by his father and other members.
    The police and social services ignored this and thus the “kidnap ” team went to save him and the team are now imprisoned on conspiracy charges ..whilst we don’t know where little Sam Hill is or info he is safe .
    One of the team members has suspiciously died in the prison
    This case is pivotel to exposing the coruption in social services police justiciary and the crown …it’s why I ask if anyone can support ..as it need numbers .
    If people wonder why so many children go missing and want to also follow and support Wilfred Wong ..
    Jeanette Archer has a fb page
    She is a survivor of a family who practised sra and had a grandfather who took care of everything on a farm that an elite group of satanic pedos used for their rituals ..the farm is on crown lands
    Jeanette has been campaigning the police for years
    Similarly Owen Lucas ..who exposed a puedo ring on a school where he was employed ..on the duchy estates

    They use sra to take care of their illigal drug buisness which occults a far more heinous industry worth more monies and directs the political power in our country
    The illigal drug industry underpins all our communities
    MSM create a perspective that drug users live on the streets and on council estates to distract us from the more profitable users who use on the best and pure materials and why it’s really criminalised.
    SERCO profits greatly on many levels perpetuating and advocating the industry

    Few would beilieve that many children are trafficked through housing estates …it happens right under the nose of our ignorance .

    I agree with this man
    Only through consciousness and solidarity will their dark agendas be exposed and elimated so we may return to Peace and harmony

  4. Gerard G. Vaughan

    This man has so much detailed knowledge that for a minute or two he just completely fell over himself attempting to tell and not having much success !
    The long comment here about “social services” uk? reveals true horror that you might only expect in an Alfred Hitchcock horror movie. Copied for distributuon.

  5. Roy Davies

    WOW what a video it really puts into context where we stand in this life and our lowly position in the larger scheme of things.
    I don’t hold any fears because there are people like yourselves trying to educate possibly the un educational but at least you are trying.
    Thanks to you both.

    Roy 👌

  6. Natalie Holder

    I been battling with C&L They have been doing some nasty things to people. My story is a hard pill for many to swallow. This Evil Corp have shown their hands. Would love to do an interview with you guys.


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