Ep. 21: The Great Reset vs Nature – Sacred Feminine vs the Perverted Profane


Is the descent of the Great Reset upon us a chance to heal and evolve into our higher nature? One of the most important episodes I’ve done in my opinion! Amazing episode – please find the time to watch it fully (yes it’s feature length!) We cover: – the Great Reset (aka Agenda 21/30, New World Order) – colonisation of our bodies – the colonisation of the ether – the sacred feminine and creatrix principle – spirituality and nature vs artificial intelligence – the uprising of Indian farmers standing up for global food sovereignty This is a beautifully organic, deeply nourishing and profound round table discourse about the anti-human and anti-life agenda of the Great Reset vs Nature, our innate spirituality as creators and how we need to evolve to stand up to techno-feudalism and corporatocracy. Nature will prevail if we allow ourselves to heal and evolve.
We discuss the sacred and profane side-by-side. Deepti Datt talks in length about the rising of the Indian Farmers & protests (250,000,000 and counting) standing in their truth, why they won’t back down and the impact this will have on human collective consciousness.
Alison and Sandi are powerful voices and researchers sharing the truth about Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development now rebranded as The Great Reset and the Fourth Industrial Revolution. (other euphemisms are Build Back Better and the New Green Deal).
We also discuss the restoration of the creatrix and the feminine principle which is being taking over with artificial intelligence.
Featuring: Alison Hawver McDowell of www.wrenchinthegears.com for more information on digitization of humans/human capital bonds/internet of bodies/impact investing (all being ushered in under the guise of the Great Reset/Fourth Industrial Revolution)
Sandi Adams at www.sandiadams.uk for indepth information, history and expose on Agenda 21, debunking the sugar-coated sustainable development goals and exposing them for the nefarious agenda that they are.
Deepti Datt at www.civilianaire.in truth teller and conspiracy realism. Follow Deepti to learn about the events unfolding in India and the uprising of the farmers.



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  1. Sue fownes

    Really interesting discussion
    I have long felt that there exists a conscious hatred for the feminine based in an innate jealousy of her natural creativity
    When I discovered the existence of the jesuits it explained a lot and especially my encounter with a catholic priest in southern eireland.
    He was committed to convince me that men could behave badly towards me because I was fundamentally evil – simply for being born a woman .
    Thus my interest in the feminine and it’s power was born …
    I was relieved to encounter Sufism ,later in life which ,without negating the male energy or undermining it in any way…recognises that the most powerful energy on the Earth is feminine .
    I’ve a,ways been intrigued by the word matrix being so close to the Latin word for womb ..and when we consider how our wombs go through the transition of life and death every month in the light of the moon …which directs the waters of the Earth ..without light and water there is no life …
    Considering the climate agenda and the nature of the earth ..it’s with considering that the plant that grows so naturally and cleanses the Earths atmosphere as it grows ..is a male female plant that none of the climate changers mention .The female plant produces a strong and effective medicine which is mentioned in the collection of writings that we now know as the holy bible – before it got translated into Greek …
    But is criminalised …begs belief they hold this power over our Earth
    The Indian farmers are Amazing ! ,,Blessings for their courage ..I pray it’s a movement that inspires the world !


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