Ep. 16: The Live-Life-Claim part 1: Know Who You Are

Ep. 16: The Live-Life-Claim part 1: Know Who You Are


In order to regain your sovereignty, unravel and stand up to corrupt systems, you need to know who you are. More importantly, you must know who you’re not. You are not a ‘person’. You’re not the birth certificate ‘paper version’ that the government create for you.


In part 1 of 2 about the Live-Life-Claim, :Andrew: Devine. of the :Purple-Thumb-Community talks about knowing *who* you are and who you’re not before deciding to become a Live-Life-Claimant. You can find part 2 of this interview here: https://youtu.be/aNjsHG3u85s


Please look at some of the links here if you need more clarification on innerstanding this.


Born alive https://youtu.be/O9gfC5nRmH0


Born alive https://youtu.be/N0XJnRrdHzs


The Devil is in the details: https://youtu.be/5PW04Ov3-Wc


Withdrawal of Consent Booklet http://www.kurtisrichardkallenbach.xyz/docs/Withdraw-of-Consent-Booklet.pdf?fbclid=IwAR1IlOAgjY0nM70eseVXxVYZZgQUi_FcjHD19z1S3zpv8wXBFllunD0EU_4


It’s an illusion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2MBxOR1iobM



Ep. 8: The Government do NOT have your Consent with Baron David Ward

Ep. 8: The Government do NOT have your Consent with Baron David Ward

(strong language warning in this episode)

Baron David Ward talks about how he discovered through challenging the corporate governance system that the government do not have our consent to be governed and how all Acts & Statues are null & void!

He has evidence in the form of an unrebutted affidavit which is one of the THE MOST powerful lawful instruments you can serve. Sent to 657 MPs and unrebutted it now stands as case law which started with a parking ticket. From using their own language and procedures against them the affidavit is indelible evidence of the corporate state and how they DO NOT have our explicit consent for us to be governed.


You can download and read a copy by joining David’s Security by way of a lien: https://www.facebook.com/groups/798269636907862

And to learn how to take action with the affidavit join this group: Freedom and justice by way of an email: https://www.facebook.com/groups/527118124607307


Ep. 2: Own your Strawman and Gain Sovereignty through UCC with Bibi Bacchus

Ep. 2: Own your Strawman and Gain Sovereignty through UCC with Bibi Bacchus


My guest today is Bibi Bacchus who was wrongly jailed for 8 years for a crime she didn’t commit. Her descent into this dark space was the catalyst for her awakening to probably the biggest deception and fraud perpetrated on the people of this world that we are unwittingly born into. And that is how the government harvest us through the creation of our ‘dead entity’ corporation called the strawman and the legal fiction. It is how the government harvest us and enslave us for perpetuity.

Whilst in prison, Bibi’s quest for knowledge on how she was wrongly jailed led her to learn and study in great detail the UCC – Universal Commercial Code, which is contract law. Everything on this planet is governed by contract law. And when you learn that our countries and governments are corporations, you’ll also discover that we aren’t even in contract with them…thereby you CAN reclaim your sovereignty! In this episode you’ll learn how the government creates a dead entity version of us through our birth certificate, how your birth certificate is traded, how everything is paid for (including your house), how we don’t really own anything and how to start on the path to regaining your sovereignty

For more information on Bibi and her courses visit https://newearth.university/courses/ucc-how-to-own-your-strawman/

ENROLLMENT IS NOW OPEN for her live course starting September 30 – October 28 2020 WEDNESDAYS at 7 pm London, UK-time on ZOOM