The Great Reopening! (what you won’t see on main stream media)

The Great Reopening! (what you won’t see on main stream media)

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So tomorrow 30 January 2021 spells the Great Reopening of businesses, this time around the UK, to defy the unlawful lockdowns designed mostly to impoverish business owners and the middle classes, part of COVID 1984 the wider and deeply nefarious Great Reset.

This is the only way we say NO and stand up to these tyrannists who are holding business owners to ransom with forced closure and astronomical fines for simply opening and earning a living; I mean how incredulous is this? Preventing business owners from doing something as basic as earning a living, under the guise of the alleged pandemic (well, we all know it’s a plandemic – let’s face it, I don’t really have to say “alleged” do I)?

And if you haven’t noticed, look how many conglomerate businesses are still trading. Double standards to protect the crony capitalists (or should I say crapitalists)?

If this is all about public health and safety, how many people will you find in an independent coffee shop or hair salon for example, as opposed to a major supermarket or hypermarket? No, it does not make sense because it’s farcical and non-sensical.

We need to stand in defiance not deference.

This uprising is happening all over the world. A reported 30,000 businesses in Italy defied the lockdown and opened up.  The Netherlands is seeing unprecedented numbers of people standing up against the regimes being imposed upon humanity. Poland and Germany have seen businesses open up. There is a surge us taking back our power. Because that is what this is really all about.

Knowing our power. Standing in that power. And exercising that power. This is how we evolve. This is how we raise our consciousness.

We are flesh and blood women and men with birth rights that these so called governments and ruling class think they have ownership over.

Below is a brilliant episode of The Corbett Report explaining much more about The Great Re-Opening. As the poster says, this ends when we say NO. Share this post. Let *every single* business owner you know that it’s time to take power back #defiancenotdeference


Ep. 8: The Government do NOT have your Consent with Baron David Ward

Ep. 8: The Government do NOT have your Consent with Baron David Ward

(strong language warning in this episode)

Baron David Ward talks about how he discovered through challenging the corporate governance system that the government do not have our consent to be governed and how all Acts & Statues are null & void!

He has evidence in the form of an unrebutted affidavit which is one of the THE MOST powerful lawful instruments you can serve. Sent to 657 MPs and unrebutted it now stands as case law which started with a parking ticket. From using their own language and procedures against them the affidavit is indelible evidence of the corporate state and how they DO NOT have our explicit consent for us to be governed.


You can download and read a copy by joining David’s Security by way of a lien:

And to learn how to take action with the affidavit join this group: Freedom and justice by way of an email:


Ep. 7: COVID 19 and the Silent Revolution

Ep. 7: COVID 19 and the Silent Revolution


In a chat with my friend Susan we talk about the importance of a silent revolution, why we don’t always need to protest and the meaning of self sovereignty and getting grounded within yourself in these turbulent times. We discuss how we can find happiness during this storm and how being heart-centred, and being in our feminine, rather than overly head-centred will make the most difference in the world right now. Part 2 coming soon…where we ask: What has COVID come to teach us…

Stop Looking for a Saviour Outside of Yourself

Stop Looking for a Saviour Outside of Yourself

Over the last few months since this whole plan-demic shit show blew up, I’ve been secretly waiting for a saviour, someone else to fix this mess. My emotions have been all over the place – I’m sure you’ll resonate. I’ve been through the mother of rollercoaster journey’s, into a descent and back out.
But I’ve come to realise that there is no saviour in this ensuing tyranny, that the saviour is you. Stop wanting to be saved. Look for the heroine and the hero within you. Find your power. Find your purpose. And stop giving your power away. That is the conclusion that I’ve come to…