Blow the COVID-19 Whistle

Blow the COVID-19 Whistle

Do you or anyone you know need to clear your conscience about this so called pandemic? Do you believe the pandemic is a hoax? You can free yourself. The good men and women behind Blow the COVID-19 Whistle are here to support you to speak out in confidence.

If you want to share the message then there are several ways you can offer your support.

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It goes without saying but please share this widely. It will only take a few key and prominent people to get the message out to the masses to make this house of cards tumble down…because it is a house of cards. It’s weak against the truth.

Ep 3: Why The NHS Need To Blow The Whistle on the  COVID Hoax

Ep 3: Why The NHS Need To Blow The Whistle on the COVID Hoax


I speak with Dan Stevens, ex-semi pro cyclist who was headline news in 2015 for blowing the whistle on doping corruption to UKAD, an open secret in elite sports. He shares his own journey and is calling out for more NHS workers to step forward and expose the lies and corruption surrounding the COVID gagging orders.

The NHS workers must not remain gagged. We NEED them to speak out. Why are they being gagged if this was a real pandemic?

Because it’s not.

It’s hoax.

The NHS *need* to come forward and blow the lid off this farce!

You can follow and contact Dan on Twitter @danstevens1103