Ep. 12: Saying No to Tyranny, Finding our Abundant Power and Midwifing a New Life


In this episode Jason talks about how as a race, we are lost and need to find our way back home to our real selves. This toxic culture and consciousness has dismembered, dislocated and dismantled us from our true selves. He talks about how we have become displaced from our soul and spirit and how we need to find our abundant power, say no to tyranny and midwife a new life. We need to go through the pain of that labour and transformation, rather than miscarry ourselves in a dystopia that may await us, if we do not find that latent power.


Artist, author of the Emergency Transformation of Human Beings, artist, and host at his weekly show Outside The Box, Outside The Box is dedicated to conversations about ethics, morals, truth, peace, empathy, transformation, and a more harmonious humanity and world for all people. A world without conflict and corruption, a world where all people are dedicated to finding peace and harmony in themselves which will then translate outward and transform the world. Jason writes and talks about us being magicians with amnesia and that we are magnificent artist’s, creators and sculptors of ourselves and the future, and that we actually manifest our future by the manipulation of matter by consciousness, which literally molds our personal lives and the society and world we live in. Once we remember how to use this incredible force and redirect it for good we can manifest a virtual Utopia here on earth.


The shocking truth is that the greatest threat to humanity is humanity’s own mind, and it is the imbalance of that human mind which is currently destroying us and our planet. When we put the mind right we put everything right. Once we remember how to use this incredible force and redirect it for good we can manifest a virtual Utopia here on earth. There is an emergency and urgency for us to remember and use the miraculous gifts we possess to transform our societies and planet from one of suffering, imbalance and struggle to one of symbiosis, balance and harmony.

Jason Liosatos’ Channel – Outside The Box  https://www.youtube.com/user/GlobalPeaceTV


Jason’s Book: The Emergency Transformation of Human Beings https://www.lulu.com/shop/jason-liosatos/the-emergency-transformation-of-human-beings/paperback/product-21236824.html


Jason’s website: http://jasonliosatos.com/


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