FULLY BOOKED Lawful Constable Training & How to Uphold the Law



5th December 2021

10-6pm, Birmingham B14

Free on-site parking, Full venue details will be emailed out after your booking is confirmed.

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Lawful Constable Training* & How to Uphold the Law, Sunday 5 December 2021, 10am-6pm. Birmingham, B14 *(formerly Peace Constable training)

This full and comprehensive one day course is extremely popular and was fully booked within days of announcing on our previous dates.

The Lawful Constable training will teach you how to uphold the law and teach you how to help others to uphold their common law rights. You will learn how to help other men and women stand in their unalienable common law rights:

– in dealing with bailiffs

– to run a business helping shop keepers and businesses remain open

– the freedom of lawful assembly

– the freedom to gather

– the freedom to be able to travel without being unlawfully kept prisoner in ‘quarantine hotels’

and to stop men and women being unlawfully arrested without committing a crime. There will be role play on the day which is the crucial first step in learning to uphold the law and imbibe these skills.

This course will also help you stand confidently in your rights and dealing with possible confrontation on an everyday, personal basis.

If you want to become a fully active Lawful Constable you will need  to record your details with currently, one of the leading organisations in Britain who are building constabularies. More information about this will be imparted on the day.

However, this is not a pre-requisite; you can still do the training for your own personal benefit without the pressure of becoming an ‘official’ Peace Constable.

Your manual along with the full venue details will be emailed to you separately via Midlands CLC after you have booked.


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