Ep.10: Problem – Action – Resolution

We know what the problems are right?

Rather than absorbing our energy on the problems, let’s focus on the solution instead.


In this episode, I speak with my guest Sukhbir Degan on solutions to this plandemic. His has a simple message: “we all know about problem, reaction, solution. I’d like to introduce the following lexicon into mankind psyche: problem, action, resolution”


His background as an IT consultant opened his eyes to the deception of the pharmaceutical industry, until finally having a massive awakening after the events of 9/11 2001. Since then he has been researching all aspects of life ranging from false flags, history, spirituality, religion, health, law, banking fraud and finance, climate change hoax and free-energy. He is an advocate for Ubuntu, permaculture, green energy, off-grid, common law and spiritual communities. Common law is of great importance to Sukh as just one of the many solutions of freeing mankind from tyranny and slavery.


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