A message from India: the truth about genocide and starvation

UPDATE 19 MAY 2021

I was asked to remove the original post by the woman who got in touch with me on social media telling me what was really going on in India (reported in MSM as the Indian Variant).

But in my words as the author of this new post, here is was is really going on:

Genocide. Starvation. Corruption. This is the truth about what’s really going on in India under the guise of ‘strains and variants’ of COVID19. People are dying of starvation and lack of medical care as well as the ‘jabs’, the so called vaccines.

Millions have already died of starvation during the ongoing lockdowns and the government and media are blatantly lying, using the so called virus and the ‘Indian variant’ as a smokescreen for further lockdowns, which may give them the ‘excuse’ to impose a global lockdown. The poorest are the hardest hit, including migrant workers and those in rural areas. Most businesses employ migrant workers and with businesses shut, there are no jobs, no income and no food. As result, millions are now dying of starvation or malnutrition. Although a national lockdown hasn’t been imposed in India during 2021, many states are in either total lockdown or under strict restrictions. Most cities have been under total lockdown for weeks. Everything is closed. Cities are comparable with ghost towns. Even so called ‘essential’ businesses are only open until 11 am in the morning to get all of your basics. Imagine the panic and rush, with queues and hoards of people desperate for everyday essentials and going without every day essentials?

Inter-state travel and even inter-district travel is banned. Police wait at all major intersections to question travellers, issuing fines for travelling beyond their ‘zone’ and for not wearing a face mask. This is total control and dictatorship.

Just like an echo of everywhere else in the world, hospitals are empty. The medical community are complicit in genocide, turning people with genuine conditions away, claiming that there are no empty beds. The government has created a shortage of oxygen supply and all patients undergoing any operation or procedure have to first undergo a toxic PCR test or they are refused treatment. Studies have shown that PCR test contain carcinogenic ethylene oxide and hydrogel which are causing blood clots.

Also here’s a 5 minute video from a British Human Rights Activist explaining how they are using India as a scare tactic to scare the *entire* world into submitting into another global lockdown, the *exact* same tactics and propaganda they used with Wuhan. The same playbook. The same tactics. They are trying to genocide huge chunks of the Indian population with mass starvation. Watch this 👇🏽

Lastly, here are links to other articles to give you an idea about what is going on in India (yes some of them are MSM):








https://banthis.tv/watch?id=60872b949a697a0c4361ac80 – Banned.Video please watch the first few minutes

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  1. Joan Smith

    It’s never what they tell us on the mainstream media, there’s always another story…

  2. Nell Pursey

    True evil and diabolical. India is literally committing crimes against humanity in the world’s face. Endemic Corruption. Yes should be tried international Criminal Court But we know that won’t happen. Right now evil is winning because too many Good men&women did NOTHING. A black stain on India. Using a FLU BUG to cull it’s population, instigated by real Evil Globalist of the (Bill) Gates of Hell Foundation king pins.

  3. Gisele Hetu

    This is SO tragic 🙁 We must all pray for our Indian brothers and sisters!

  4. Janey

    Thank you for your time in putting this information together, it’s become absolutely crucial that word gets out to as many people as possible as to what’s really good on 🙏

    • Yogeeta Mistry

      Yes it is crucial that the truth gets out. I am thankful that the lady from Pune in India reached out to me. Please share widely!

  5. Mark

    Once again the truth only comes out via Independent media. The BBC should be held to account for the scaremongering lies they have broadcast over this tragedy the last fortnight.



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