Ep. 9: Main Stream Media Deceit and how Common Law is the Answer

Jonathan’s Website: https://thefreedomcycle.com/

The Magna Carta 2020 and Declaration of Rights: https://www.thefreedomcycle.com/covid/magna-carta-2020.html

Jonathan Trapman, independent journalist, author and photographer shares with us the path of self-discovery, from Fleet Street journalist, to Yoga Teacher to Common Law Advocate. Witnessing the lies and deceit first hand working as journalist in Fleet Street to the propaganda and mind-control in advertising, Jonathan realised early into his career that the truth will never be told in main stream media. Some of what he shares about his first-hand experience of working at Fleet Street is fascinating! His path of awakening led him to become a yoga teacher in the 1980s and his path to seeking the truth has led him to become a common law advocate, supporting the Magna Carta 2020 at his popular blog https://thefreedomcycle.com/ Returning to common law and is a powerful movement whose time has come against the tyrannical times we find ourselves in. An interesting interview and a good watch with fascinating nuggets of information!

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