Ep: 39: Creating a new jurisdiction with Universal Community Trust (UCT)

Written by Awakening Nation

23 May 2022

In this episode I speak with Michael O’Deira, a Founding Trustee of Universal Community Trust (UCT) and the Bernicia and Deira Anarcho-Nation; co-producer of the explosive documentary, The Great British Mortgage Swindle. He is the editor, administrator, author and content creator for www.roguemale.org and a public and private speaker on the trivium, sovereignty and banking crimes. UCT is an alternative solution to the tyrannical matrix that most of us are unwittingly deeply embedded into and trying to extricate ourselves from. The UCT sits within its own jurisdiction effectively creating its own parallel society and nation that operates outside the current system. It’s only a matter of time before the current system collapses and the UCT provides an alternative system for those of us seeking the freedom in the way in which we choose to live our lives, utilising our unique creativity and in line with natural law.

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