Ep 4: Common Law and the Connection with Spirituality ~ Jesse Perez Casanova

Jesse Perez Casanova has recently founded a global organization known as Earth United specifically to bring the world together under Common Law, also known as Natural Law and Universal Law, to help us reclaim ourselves and our unalienable rights as living women and men, and restoring rights that have been taken away from us unlawfully.
In light of the ensuing global tyranny, we need solutions on taking back our freedom. He is on a relentless crusade, joining together with many prominent forces in the freedom movement to help stand up to the tyranny.
Please visit https://earthunited.global for more information and opt in to be part of the movement for restoring our freedom. We also talk about spiritual awakening and the meaning of it all behind our journey’s, lifting the veil of deception and leading us to find ourselves, which I believe we are all here to do.

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