Ep. 43: The Truth About Trusts: Clearing the Confusion About Living in the Private

Ep. 43: The Truth About Trusts: Clearing the Confusion About Living in the Private

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Dean’s journey started with A61 (magna carta) around 15yrs ago, and was one of the first people to use Baron David Ward’s affidavit (see Episode 8 with Baron David Ward) He has previously used the remedy of promissory notes and A4V, but after more research it became apparent it’s not as easy as just sending off a Promissory Note or A4V to settle a bill. Dean then came across a gentleman which we will refer to as R, highly knowledgeable in trusts, and worked with him on private trusts and equity which propelled his knowledge to another level. This was when Dean started applying all the knowledge he picked up along the way and drafting trusts. Dean has also worked with law firms in one way or another for around 10 years, so knows how they think, and how the system works. As soon as he applied trust law and equity to how the system works, it was clear that the debtor creditor side of things is just a veil for the public side, and that the true remedy lies within equity- the superior jurisdiction. Dean has been helping people set up trusts now for over 5 years, helping people both with and without mortgages. Currently he’s working with a small group of exceptionally knowledgeable people on THE exit process, however he is limited on what he can say regarding that. Scroll down for Dean’s contact details:

• equity and trust law has a superior jurisdiction and what this means to us?

• What is a trust? what is the relationship?

• the semi-secret trust of the state, how it actually operates and the statutory obligation that comes with it

• the benefits and privileges of the legal fiction

• What is the public and what is the private

• what are the differences between private and public trusts or a statutory trust

• why it’s better to own nothing

• do you need a will if you have a trust?

• what if you have a mortgage – how does the trust work?

• How water tight is a private trust?

• Difference between a trust and a PMA

• community trusts – there are a few out there?

• Diplomatic Immunity and status correction

To get the Telegram link and/or to enquire about having a private trust drafted with Dean, email Dean, quoting reference Freedom2022 on: securept@protonmail.comSHOW LESS



In this packed and very in depth episode, interview Marc Horn of the Peace Keepers https://peacekeepers.org.uk/ who talks about our rights, how there is no proof of duties, rights and obligations when it comes to legislation, breach of the peace and how the police act unlawfully, breaching our peace and how to depower them. You can enrol for the free, comprehensive course which covers rights, equity, common law and breach of the peace at the website https://peacekeepers.org.uk/

Marc has been working within contract law most of his life and after a personal experiences in court, COVID helped Marc to assimilate and apply what he learned from the injustices he suffered personally. Marc was also involved with the PCP against Matt Hancock which meant that any individual can hold another accountable.

Peace Keepers have been created to help secure a just and equitable existence, coming together to defend the peoples peace, to restore and preserve our inalienable rights, the highest standing in truth to be sovereign. By understanding your basic rights you will gain the confidence and start to understand many of the hypocrisies you observe around you. Many believe, merely because someone is smartly dressed, or in a uniform that you must look up to them and do as they command. Most have been brought up with this notion of ‘respect authority’ and do not question it. Respect, like trust is earned.

Peace Keepers was created to assist and give something back to your community. We want people from all backgrounds who have the desire to uphold the RULE OF LAW and hold the current system to account. The program is for anyone who has: –

• Common sense

• Willingness to learn new skills

• A desire to up hold the rule of law

• Self motivated

• Honesty and integrity

• Hold those who do wrong accountable

You can enrol for the free, comprehensive course which covers rights, equity, common law and breach of the peace at the website https://peacekeepers.org.uk/. And you will also find the links to the Telegram channel here.



In this episode I speak with Gavin Bird of the soon to be launched Sovereign Empowerment platform. Gavin has known about the financial scam and ponzi scheme since the crash of 2008 but woke up the depths of the fraud in 2020, with the onset of DIVOC 91. After he rebelled and witheld paying into the system, and, after an onslaught from various agents of the state, he discovered the keys of equity and trust law, and also DSARS to fight back and win against the system. He has done a deep dive into trust and equity law and has perfected the art of the DSAR to gain relevant information to reveal the fraud of these agents of the state. Gavin has successfully had his council tax zero’d after challenging the system and winning against debt collectors. His new website will be ready soon just keep an eye on his Telegram channel:

Telegram Link Chat – https://t.me/+oZCb3bw8hVFlNjA0

Main Group – https://t.me/YRNID

To book a call with Gavin: https://youarenotindebt.setmore.com

Ep. 37: Know Who You Are: Law, Spiritualty, Word Spells & the Justinian Deception

Ep. 37: Know Who You Are: Law, Spiritualty, Word Spells & the Justinian Deception

In this eclectic and casual conversation, I speak with Kali Spell about her Illuminate & Elevate project – to illuminate the dark deception since time immemorial and eventually begin to elevate our minds into our true status.

We have been born into a prison planet that we can’t see, hear, feel, taste, smell or touch. That is the system of asset stripping, energy harvesting and bonded debt slavery and the ‘dark’ and occult spiritual aspect of law that keeps us enslaved. She speaks about how the planet was placed into a trust via the Unum Sanctum and how, via the Cestui Qu Vie Act 1666, this placed us into the realm of the dead, into bonded debt slaves and servitude to pay, pay and pay again to live, and how our property, bodies and souls have been harvested through this system The Bible is inextricably linked with the the law and spirituality and Kali explain’s how we must know ourselves and who we really are as beneficiaries of this realm, ‘rise from the dead’ and learn to ‘walk on the water’ of the seas of admiralty law.

Please note this interview is not of any religious disposition but shows how the Bible is actually ‘code’ and inextricably linked with law, spirituality and salvation of our souls from the Justinian Deception of how we have all been harvested.

Kali’s also speaks and teaches about banking and jurisdiction, banking being one of the many ways the cabal keep the masses indebted. To join Kali’s Telegram group and channel click on the links below:

Telegram channel: t.me/illuminateandelevate

Enjoy the Episode:

[VIDEO] LEAKED NHS DOCUMENT: The Vaccine ‘Sales Plan’ to Get Inside Your Head

[VIDEO] LEAKED NHS DOCUMENT: The Vaccine ‘Sales Plan’ to Get Inside Your Head

The NHS have a sales and marketing plan to ‘nudge’ people (a euphemism for coercing people) into having the COVID-19 vaccine. And here it is.

It’s no surprise to discover that the NHS are working together with The Behavioural Insights Team (based in Whitehall, London – the heart o the beast) using psychology, NLP and proven sales tactics to coerce the undecided to take the jab. This leaked PDF shows the targeted marketing and communications plan advocating sales tactics (those are my words) to get inside the heads of various cohorts who are vaccine hesitant. Why such a drive to influence people? If this was a real health crisis, there wouldn’t be such a concerted effort and drive to ‘sell’ the vaccine.

Watch the video on Bitchute here. I didn’t even bother publishing this on Youtube; it would have cost me a second strike on no doubt about that at all! And please subscribe to my Bitchute channel whilst you’re there – just click here

[iframe src=”https://www.bitchute.com/embed/2IJYSWkVziAR/” width=”100%” height=”360″]

Get the NHS sales and communication plan WAS HERE but they took it down (just wanted to share the dead link so you know that it *did* exist)

Luckily we still have it and you can download the PDF directly by clicking HERE

[VIDEO] It’s an experimental vaccine. Here’s the evidence (including deaths)

[VIDEO] It’s an experimental vaccine. Here’s the evidence (including deaths)

There is NO fully informed consent regarding this ‘shot’ and yet the MPs and minor TV personalities in the UK have been enlisted in participating in targeted videos aimed at the black and asian communities with fraudulent information that the shot is safe, fully tested and contains no animal products. The fact is they are LYING.

Here is irrefutable evidence that proves:

1) that the so called vaccine (aka gene therapy) is still in trials
2) that the safety of the ‘vaccine’ is unknown
3) the 1000’s of weekly adverse reactions and deaths so far
4) ingredients include chimpanzee adenovirus and genetically modified embryonic kidney

[iframe src=”https://www.bitchute.com/embed/xZIJ99fr16Ow/” width=”100%” height=”360″]

Links for information and downloads:

Penn Medicine Centre mRNA safety report: http://www.uphs.upenn.edu/cep/COVID/mRNA%20vaccine%20review%20final.pdf?fbclid=IwAR2R_oShOt97w6i3x80izeK5tT4D6-F37diWKqwZiulcR9nbh7jbZaF41qk

Clinical trials for Moderna, Pfizer and Astrazeneca vaccines ending in 2023:

Moderna: https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT03897881

Astrazeneca: https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT04516746

Pfizer: https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT04368728

Weekly report – please check every week and download for Pfizer and Astrazeneca: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-vaccine-adverse-reactions

See point 2 for ingredients: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/regulatory-approval-of-covid-19-vaccine-astrazeneca/information-for-healthcare-professionals-on-covid-19-vaccine-astrazeneca