Ep. 16: The Live-Life-Claim part 1: Know Who You Are

Ep. 16: The Live-Life-Claim part 1: Know Who You Are


In order to regain your sovereignty, unravel and stand up to corrupt systems, you need to know who you are. More importantly, you must know who you’re not. You are not a ‘person’. You’re not the birth certificate ‘paper version’ that the government create for you.


In part 1 of 2 about the Live-Life-Claim, :Andrew: Devine. of the :Purple-Thumb-Community talks about knowing *who* you are and who you’re not before deciding to become a Live-Life-Claimant. You can find part 2 of this interview here: https://youtu.be/aNjsHG3u85s


Please look at some of the links here if you need more clarification on innerstanding this.


Born alive https://youtu.be/O9gfC5nRmH0


Born alive https://youtu.be/N0XJnRrdHzs


The Devil is in the details: https://youtu.be/5PW04Ov3-Wc


Withdrawal of Consent Booklet http://www.kurtisrichardkallenbach.xyz/docs/Withdraw-of-Consent-Booklet.pdf?fbclid=IwAR1IlOAgjY0nM70eseVXxVYZZgQUi_FcjHD19z1S3zpv8wXBFllunD0EU_4


It’s an illusion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2MBxOR1iobM



Ep.10: Problem – Action – Resolution

Ep.10: Problem – Action – Resolution

We know what the problems are right?

Rather than absorbing our energy on the problems, let’s focus on the solution instead.


In this episode, I speak with my guest Sukhbir Degan on solutions to this plandemic. His has a simple message: “we all know about problem, reaction, solution. I’d like to introduce the following lexicon into mankind psyche: problem, action, resolution”


His background as an IT consultant opened his eyes to the deception of the pharmaceutical industry, until finally having a massive awakening after the events of 9/11 2001. Since then he has been researching all aspects of life ranging from false flags, history, spirituality, religion, health, law, banking fraud and finance, climate change hoax and free-energy. He is an advocate for Ubuntu, permaculture, green energy, off-grid, common law and spiritual communities. Common law is of great importance to Sukh as just one of the many solutions of freeing mankind from tyranny and slavery.


Ep. 9: Main Stream Media Deceit and how Common Law is the Answer

Ep. 9: Main Stream Media Deceit and how Common Law is the Answer

Jonathan’s Website: https://thefreedomcycle.com/

The Magna Carta 2020 and Declaration of Rights: https://www.thefreedomcycle.com/covid/magna-carta-2020.html

Jonathan Trapman, independent journalist, author and photographer shares with us the path of self-discovery, from Fleet Street journalist, to Yoga Teacher to Common Law Advocate. Witnessing the lies and deceit first hand working as journalist in Fleet Street to the propaganda and mind-control in advertising, Jonathan realised early into his career that the truth will never be told in main stream media. Some of what he shares about his first-hand experience of working at Fleet Street is fascinating! His path of awakening led him to become a yoga teacher in the 1980s and his path to seeking the truth has led him to become a common law advocate, supporting the Magna Carta 2020 at his popular blog https://thefreedomcycle.com/ Returning to common law and is a powerful movement whose time has come against the tyrannical times we find ourselves in. An interesting interview and a good watch with fascinating nuggets of information!

Ep. 8: The Government do NOT have your Consent with Baron David Ward

Ep. 8: The Government do NOT have your Consent with Baron David Ward

(strong language warning in this episode)

Baron David Ward talks about how he discovered through challenging the corporate governance system that the government do not have our consent to be governed and how all Acts & Statues are null & void!

He has evidence in the form of an unrebutted affidavit which is one of the THE MOST powerful lawful instruments you can serve. Sent to 657 MPs and unrebutted it now stands as case law which started with a parking ticket. From using their own language and procedures against them the affidavit is indelible evidence of the corporate state and how they DO NOT have our explicit consent for us to be governed.


You can download and read a copy by joining David’s Security by way of a lien: https://www.facebook.com/groups/798269636907862

And to learn how to take action with the affidavit join this group: Freedom and justice by way of an email: https://www.facebook.com/groups/527118124607307


Ep. 7: COVID 19 and the Silent Revolution

Ep. 7: COVID 19 and the Silent Revolution


In a chat with my friend Susan we talk about the importance of a silent revolution, why we don’t always need to protest and the meaning of self sovereignty and getting grounded within yourself in these turbulent times. We discuss how we can find happiness during this storm and how being heart-centred, and being in our feminine, rather than overly head-centred will make the most difference in the world right now. Part 2 coming soon…where we ask: What has COVID come to teach us…

Ep. 6: Reclaim your Sovereignty – the Live-Life-Claim

Ep. 6: Reclaim your Sovereignty – the Live-Life-Claim

If you’re looking for the answer to save you and your family from the tyranny being imposed upon you right now, this is it (in my opinion anyway) We have been deceived with the corruption of language since Babylonian times in order to keep us separated, ignorant and enslaved. Why do you think Blacks Law have their own legalese dictionary? Why do two words have different meanings?

If you are unaware of the concepts such as the strawman and legal fiction, I suggest you watch Ep. 2 first with Bibi Bacchus who explains the birth certificate/legal fiction deception and all block capitals names (nom de guerre) which you find on all your bills. This is not you! The power of Quantum Grammar and C.S.S.P.S.G. (Correct Sentence Structure Parse Syntax Grammar) along with the :Live-Life-Claim, the Sea-Pass and the Domicile-Claim is the foundational key to freedom, unravelling from the deception and more importantly, the ability to stand up in the face of tyrannical times we all find ourselves in right now.

I talk with :Andrew: Devine, principle at the :Purple-Thumb-Community about reclaiming ourselves as facts from the fiction world of the birth certificate and enslavement to the ‘system’ by becoming a Live Life Claimant with the :Live-Life-Claim, and becoming part of the :Purple-Thumb-Community. This way, the States fraudulent Acts and Statutes cannot touch you and that includes their vaccines! This is a REAL and POWERFUL solution to save yourself from the tyranny rolling out across the world! The regime CANNOT force you to contract within their system once you reclaim yourself as a fact from their fiction construct world, as a living woman, man, girl or boy in the Quantum-Now-Space with a Live-Life-Claim, Sea-Pass and Domicile-Claim. The :Purple-Thumb-Community is operating as a venue in the Quantum Grammar Space and with the C.S.S.P.S.G. – Correct Sentence Structure Parse Syntax Grammar. :Andrew shares his experience of his journey to unravelling from ‘the matrix’ which led him to discover the creators of Quantum-Grammar created by :David-Wynn-Miller and :Russel-Jay: Gould, the men who unraveled the fraud in the English language and broke the Masonic code of fraudulent conveyance of language in 1988 which had, up until that point, been deceiving and harvesting the people of the world. In 1988, ALL contracts, treaties and constitutions were deemed null and void. How powerful is that? Visit the links at the top of the description to join the :Purple-Thumb-Community at their Facebook page and via the website to learn more about the :Live-Life-Claim.

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