Ep. 11: Why we Need to Get Back to Community and Contributionism

Ep. 11: Why we Need to Get Back to Community and Contributionism

Louise speaks about the need to get back to basics in terms of how we live, to live in community in tune with mother earth, producing our own food and creating our own mini-eco systems of life and living. We have forgotten this way of living in our disconnected ways’ of doing and having, with the me, myself and I central to it all. What Louise promotes is a valid and real solution to today’s issues and problems but needs one less thing: the ego.


We need to return to co-operatives, to collaborating, to commune with one another and learn to work together in harmony with another in a more egalitarian way.


Her projects include Eco Villages, Eco clothing and soon, Natural Earth Child education.


Links to Louise’s projects: https://www.naturalearthecoclothing.com/


Singer Song Writer of Loula Lain. Most recent song called – Beautiful found on Bandcamp https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M1rZAF4EIjki


Louise’s Partner’s Channel: Jason Liosatos – Outside The Box https://www.youtube.com/user/GlobalPeaceTV


Interesting resources for food sovereignty:


  • Als Fowler – Book – Abundance: How to store and preserve your garden produce.
  • The Invisible Power Within Foods, A Comparison of Organic and Non Organic Foods. By A.W. Danzer. Crystaline
  • Images from research by Lifevision of Soyana.
  • Work of Emoto.
  • How to Store Your Garden Produce – Piers Warren
  • Gifts From The Modern Larder – Rachel De Thample
  • The Essential Aromatherapy Garden – Julia Lawless
  • Kombucha Kefir and Natural Sodas – Nina Lausecker & Sebastian Landaeus Ferment – Holly Davis.
  • Grow All You Can Eat In 3 Square Feet.


“Every blade of grass will react to you with love, and these plants, as living beings are capable of collecting for you all the best energies of the universe. They collect them for you.Plants feed on more than just the energy of the soil”. Anastasia the Ringing Cedars.



Ep.10: Problem – Action – Resolution

Ep.10: Problem – Action – Resolution

We know what the problems are right?

Rather than absorbing our energy on the problems, let’s focus on the solution instead.


In this episode, I speak with my guest Sukhbir Degan on solutions to this plandemic. His has a simple message: “we all know about problem, reaction, solution. I’d like to introduce the following lexicon into mankind psyche: problem, action, resolution”


His background as an IT consultant opened his eyes to the deception of the pharmaceutical industry, until finally having a massive awakening after the events of 9/11 2001. Since then he has been researching all aspects of life ranging from false flags, history, spirituality, religion, health, law, banking fraud and finance, climate change hoax and free-energy. He is an advocate for Ubuntu, permaculture, green energy, off-grid, common law and spiritual communities. Common law is of great importance to Sukh as just one of the many solutions of freeing mankind from tyranny and slavery.


Ep. 7: COVID 19 and the Silent Revolution

Ep. 7: COVID 19 and the Silent Revolution


In a chat with my friend Susan we talk about the importance of a silent revolution, why we don’t always need to protest and the meaning of self sovereignty and getting grounded within yourself in these turbulent times. We discuss how we can find happiness during this storm and how being heart-centred, and being in our feminine, rather than overly head-centred will make the most difference in the world right now. Part 2 coming soon…where we ask: What has COVID come to teach us…