Ep. 27: Break Free from Governmental Oppression

Paul Harris has been living comfortably free from governmental authority in recent years. He is known for his no nonsense approach towards police fear tactics, fraudulent bills and fines.

His journey started 10 years ago when he saw the phrase: “my people die through lack of knowledge” which led him to research the nuances of legalese (colour of law), law, common law and the constitution.

Once a business entrepreneur and founder of a healthcare business to support the vulnerable on ventilation machines, he is now retired. He shares information freely via his blog, https://voxpopulivoxdei.org ( which is latin meaning the voice of the people is the voice of god) sharing his knowledge on how to break free from oppression and injustice that has corrupted the British legal and political systems.

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  1. Roy

    Dear Yogeeta,
    I have watched numerous video’s on your site and I have registered my B C and reclaimed my Fictitious name with Common law court.
    Also watched and listened to John Smiths long and short video’s my eyes are wide open, with these lockdowns I have had plenty of time to keep myself busy viewing, learning and getting educated with it all.
    I am a 70 year old this April and cannot believe I am only learning this now. One problem I have is that I retired to Spain 5 years ago “not wealthy”!! So my new acquired knowledge I pass on to everyone that I can in the UK as it will be hard for me to put my knowledge in action unless I visit the shameful British shores.
    The tyrannist assaults by the police officers “not constables” on our people is nothing short of demonstrable.
    I Love Michael Bernicia as well, hope his latest NIP against the four stooges “as opposed to 3” gets the required result for the people.
    I will sign off by saying thank you for your continued efforts along with many more on your video’s or elsewhere to try and wake the people up!! ……….As for the sheep !its scary!

    Best Regards Roy x

  2. Malvia Kenlock

    Paul provides a great insight into why we are at this stage in our history our great childlike trust in a system that only here to feed off us and dumb us down. Many years ago my parents believed that the system in England was the best in the world because they help build it. Not knowing the backstory extends to 1666. when the plan to take over people wealth. In fact, it was two freemason group fighting for power that burnt down London and left the poor even more impoverished
    The best bit for me when Paul said inevitably the people always win. And I believe so.


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