In toto (latin)- as a whole, in total, completely or entirely.


Co-operation. Collaboration. Co-Creation. Forget me, myself and I. The ego-age is dying out.  Now is the time for individuality in a hive mind, bringing together pieces that make the whole.

Here’s a glossary of  resources and alliances whom we  have made a connection with, offering a wealth of expertise information and remedy to the tyrannical climate we find ourselves in. Some of them have also been featured on the Awakening Nation podcast.


Working together is how truth prevails.



Many of the websites and people featured here have been interviewees on the Awakening Nation podcast. Click here >>

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The Sovereign Project

The Sovereign Project is an institution that protects and reclaims the rights and freedom of each individual by providing powerful tools and education, while uniting others who also choose to be free. 

Do You Choose to be Sovereign?

There are two states a person can be in this world: you are either sovereign or a slave; the choice is only yours to make. Declaring you are sovereign, that your status is as a free man or woman, requires courage, fortitude and the will to stand up for your rights. This task is much less daunting when you’re united with and supported by others of like mind.

Unite with others who share the same mindset and begin your journey towards freedom together. You will learn what it means to be sovereign and harness this freedom mindset. 

Sandi Adams - - Agenda 21 researcher

Sandi has been researching and speaking about UN Agenda 21/2030 for over 10 years, sugar coated as Sustainable Development goals whose nefarious agenda has infiltrated every town and city all over the world.

She is the UK’s leading figure and expert on Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development Goals, having spoken all over the UK to raise awareness about UN Agenda 21/2030 Sustainable Development, The Smart City Agenda and the health risks of 5G. Sandi has been instrumental in getting Glastonbury’s Green Town Council to halt 5G, pending inquiries into the dangers.

More recently she has spoken out about how the “pandemic’ has been very timely to further the goals of Agenda 2030 and bring in the Global Governance that we are currently experiencing.

practical use of common law and lawful excuse

Reclaim the Law - - using common law the lawful excuse

Reclaim the Law disseminates common law in terms of lawful excuse and how to exercise our rights and invoke lawful excuse against anything unlawful – namely something that is using unreasonable, excessive force in the face of a non-emergency situation, i.e. The Coronavirus Act, passed 3 days *after* Coronavirus was *downgraded* from a HCID. And considering that the increase in deaths in the UK from 2019-2020 was a just 0.14%, we have excessive force being used against us to strip us of all our inherent rights and liberties. Common Law is: – Powerful enough to change people’s minds in a positive direction – Simple enough for a child to understand – Effective enough to change the world.

Nick St Clare is a leading UK Common Law Activist and Teacher of the Common Law with over 40 years of active voluntary service to his credit. His site has an enormous amount of resources and facts that you can use, right now, to help eradicate the effects of this alleged pandemic upon us. - Alison Hawver-McDowell

Alison Hawver-McDowell is an independent researcher and leading expert on educating about the Fourth Industrial Revolution, also dubbed as The Great Reset. Based in Philadelpha, PA she educates, writes and speaks about the nefarious agenda behind the 4th Industrial Revolution planned out by Klaus Schwab and his cronies at the World Economic Forum. Their aim is to replace human labor with artificial intelligence and robotics, all behind a smokescreen of a convenient pandemic.

Her research exposes globalized poverty management, euphemistically known as social impact investing and Human Capital Bond markets which aims to turn humans into data commodities who must be tagged and trackable for “impact”, biocapitalism and stakeholder capitalism, predatory philanthropy and living in a panopticon.

Jason Liosatos -

Jason is the author of The Emergency Transformation of Human Beings, a professional artist and the host of Outside the Box, an interview podcast of cutting edge conversations with change makers working for the collective good of humanity.

He talks about how we have been dismembered from the soul of who we really are, and how we need to find the force of our inner power and thus, find our way back home to ourselves.

The shocking truth is that the greatest threat to humanity is humanitys own mind, and it is the imbalance of that human mind which is currently destroying us and our planet. When we put the mind right we put everything right. We all need to become midwives to rebirth a new world and the utopia that we want.

The Great British Mortgage Swindle

Prepare to have your illusions about the banks shattered.

Eight years in the making, set in Nottingham, Newcastle, Leeds, Coventry, Edinburgh and London, The Great British Mortgage Swindle is a coruscating, shocking and utterly compelling documentary feature film about the nature and effects of institutionalised mortgage fraud and the state-sanctioned brutality of genocide by eviction.

The film shockingly demonstrates that virtually every one of Britain’s 11.2 million registered mortgages is illegal, void and unenforceable because it was either signed without a loan having taken place, or without a witness being present at the moment of execution; which entitles every one of Britain’s void mortgagors to be compensated by the Land Registry, for every penny they have paid out under false pretenses.

The Natural Earth Eco Living Garden Villages project is to enable opportunities for everyone who wishes to be able to enjoy an affordable eco house with land – living within the palm of nature, supporting increased food security and low cost living.

 Forest Garden Eco Village Projects are designed to create a way of living that gives the opportunity to live closer to nature, providing the oppurtunity for a low cost affordable house and adjoining plot for permaculture/ forest garden/ organic/ biodynamic/ flower garden.

This a way of living that increases our connectedness to nature, enhances our well being, reduces our indebtedness and helps to preserve the earth her living eco systems an resources.

The Light truthpaper

The Light truthpaper does exactly what it says on the tin – offering uncensored, unfiltered and unbiased reporting on current affairs of what is actually going on locally, nationally and internationally.

Borne from the unashamed censorship online of alt media surrounding the plan-demic, the publication is critical to getting the real news to the masses. And being a print publication helps to circumvent this censorship. To our knowledgem it is the is the only printed truthpaper currently distributed online and in print in Britain.

Click here to visit the site and download your free online version. Or, support the truthpaper and subscribe montly for just £5 per month to receive your copy in the mail.

CONSPIRACY REALISTS  |  CIVILIANAIRE is all about conversations to engage the Truth, the whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth. To consciously unplug from the wetiko-led trajectory of collective, critical-mass illusion. Let’s get on with decolonizing our minds, and with discerning, creating and participating in the zeitgeist.

We are living in transformational times. At CIVILIANAIRE we seek far beyond the edges, in the spontaneous, organic, heaving multitudes of multiplicities, possibilities and multipotentialities. We seek authenticity, over imagery. We seek to uplift our collective consciousness.
The interdisciplinary works featured at CIVILIANAIRE are explorations into the outlier edges, to shine the light and uncover the Truth.
Michael O Bernicia The Bernician

The Bernician - the - Michael O'Bernicia

The Bernician, aka Michael O’Bernicia, is co-director and producer of The Great British Mortgage Swindle which was released in the UK on 10/11/2018. The Bernician drafted the first legal argument by a lay advocate to be established as a point of UK law.

Most recently, Michael O’Bernicia is known for the Private Criminal Prosecution [PCP] against the architects of a genocidal pandemic fraud, that has all but destroyed this country and the world we once knew and loved. You can stay informed on the progress of the PCP by subscribing to his mailing list.

A recalcitrant philosopher, a revisionist historian and the draftsman of Magna Carta 2020 The Bernician has been  creating and publishing free online content that has had more than 2,000,000 downloads. 


The Wrong Kind of Green

The Wrong Kind of Green exposes and joins the dots of NGOs, masquerading behind the ‘green’ mask, peddling fiction of corporate responsibility as the world reaches irreversible tipping points which will destroy humanity as we know it.


We are a 100% volunteer, critical-thinking collective.

We stand united behind ‘The Peoples Agreement’ agreed upon in Cochabamba, Bolivia, April 2010.

We do not endorse nor promote campaigns, targets, policies nor legislation that undermine the targets and goals within this agreement.

We attempt to expose those who undermine the People’s Agreement. One role of the non-profit industrial complex is to undermine, marginalize and make irrelevant, the People’s Agreement. The reason being, to protect corporate interests by which they are funded. As well, the non-profit industrial complex protects the industrialized, capitalist economic system, responsible for the capitalist destruction of our shared environment.  Those groups who continue to protect such interests must be considered complicit in crimes against humanity.

United, we stand behind and actively support this agreement in solidarity with our brothers and sisters, and all life on Earth.

The Purple Thumb Community - :Lady :Crown.

We are the global administrators of live life claims, domicile claims, suv’eran notary services, private unincorporated foundations and suv’eran supporting documents & templates. 

We are the Postmasters with port & postal authority to administer live life claims, domicile claims and sea passes for those seeking to return to their land in their suv’eran authority without trespass; We are maintaining this service through Suv’eran Charters which are administered in Australia, Aotearoha[New Zealand], Greece and Gondwanaland.

We are suv’eran postmasters, standing firmly on the land, no longer lost at sea under maritime or admiralty law.  We are standing on the land with Divine Lore/Law, not man made laws. The pathway has been cleared for sovereigns/suv’erans to actively acquire their life-life-claim with dignity & grace; We are living in private suv’eran jurisdiction on the earth as peaceful, non-combatant, non-belligerent, non-statutory,  men and woman. [A]ll rights & [re]served as live life Suv’eran Crown Postmasters;

We are not here to trespass on anyone’s authority or control your suv’eran walk/cargo/vessel. This is your responsibility. We are here to administer your claims and provide you with the tools for your safe return to your lands unencumbered/self-determination. We do not take copy-right of your Live-Life-claim. Purple Thumb Community is a branch of the Crown of the Mauri Nation.

Swiss Indo Law -

Swiss Indo is the prosperity owed to the people to release humanity from debt, financial slavery and poverty and to bring about prosperity

Swiss Indo was made international law on 14 June 2010 with a 30 day action mandate. Obama blocked it at G8 summit in 2013 and trump continued with the pirate currency for a further 5 years.

It is by Divine Authority of the Creator that all People are endowed with certain unalienable, natural Rights and Liberties; which no authority, man-made law, government or religion can rightfully diminish or abolish. Any power that attempts to do so is tyrannical and illegitimate, even if it operates according to its own laws – for such tyranny is a denial of the Natural Laws of Creation.”

This initiative has been organized by the 681st King in an unbroken line of Indonesia servant-kings called, “King of Kings,” Mr. Sino A. S..

This Mission was started by the late Founder of United Nations, First President of Indonesia, President Soekarno and the President of the United States of America, John F. Kennedy, with The Green Hilton Memorial Agreement; their Executive Order 11110 was to end the financial slavery system, eradicate poverty, end the Global Financial Crisis and to bring Heaven on Earth. - Jesse Perez Casanova

A solution that will put an end to global tyranny.

For years up until now each democratic nations’ service corporation (government) have been unlawfully converting new born babies into incorporated government property without each individuals full knowledge and consent. This is in itself is an act of constructive fraud which within the realm of common law can be used to hold acting members of these service corporations (governments) liable for perpetuating an unlawful system that is continuously committing constructive fraud against anyone born in any democratic nation across the world. 

“We aim to get 100 000 conscious individuals who want to put an end towards unconscious and unlawful government slavery. Our current campaign is aimed at 4 countries across the world”

It’s time to step into a new world: One where the good people of this planet actually contribute and influence the options made available for each of us. One were we the people choose how to truly go about creating a conscious and abundant world devoid from unnecessary fear and control.

GROW - self & community sufficiency

A community sufficiency, collaborating online to create empowered , sustainable , community led networks across the country. 

GROW started in October 2020 after the creators of the project, Dawn and Phillip, had a spectacular summer making the most of being at home during lockdown, building a greenhouse and a mini farming space for themselves in Chorley, UK.
Their vision is to create a community hub for wellbeing, gardening, connection and a space to breathe, in nature. Between them, they have been involved in various projects in the community and we have passions including growing fruit and veg, wine making, music, foraging, walking , cooking, tiny house building, spirituality and yoga to name a few.
They are commited full time to working towards building a completely self sufficient life and sharing this invaluable knoledge with the wider community:  including growing vegetables, converting fully to renewable energy, using an aquaponics system and making furniture and toiletries.

New Earth University - How To Own Your Strawman

UCC Law is the highest expression of law as it is commonly manifested in the world.  Meaning to say the basis upon which all contracts exist.  Contracts both visible and invisible between people of the world and the (corporation) governments, (corporation) agencies, (corporation) banks and (corporation) institutions, which commandeer and govern our lives and livelihoods.

UCC or Uniform Commercial Code also over-arches and underpins the codes of exchange between all agencies, governments and institutions between and amongst themselves.  All human affairs are thereby governed by such contracts, which are made, assumed or foisted upon them.  Once humankind awakens to UCC law and learns how NOT to contract, how to REVOKE contracts and how to RESCIND and REDACT signatures and subjugation to the fictions – then we will be rid of the covert systems of control and manipulation (enslavement) which all seek to be freed from.

Vox Populi Vox Dei -

“the voice of the people is the voice of god”

This blog will provide you with valuable information you need to on your journey to claiming your independence and return to sovereignty from the serf system of financial enslavement. The intention is to provide everything I know for free, although this website costs to run and maintain, so donations are welcome and will go back to the public in one way or another.  Plus, I will recommend a selection of people and or services I personally trust and observe regularly.

Blog topics inlcude: common law, UCC, gold & silver, politics, “law enforcement”, small business, therapeutics and much more about disentangling from enslavement.

Elaine Godley Master Health Coach


You won’t find this unique health programme anywhere else in the world!

The finger prick blood test shows what’s going on within your entire body; the hair analysis assesses your mineral and toxicity levels; the profile shows how to maximise your behaviours to achieve and maintain good health; the questionnaire provides various measurements and information only you will know; the HUB provides access to videos, podcasts, workbooks and other self-help resources. The online consultation with me brings it all together and guides you

The Freedom Cycle - Jonathan Trapman

Jonathan Trapman is an author independent journalist, photographer and Common law advocate.

“We are presently fighting the Third World War. It is a War for Our Minds. Unless we explode our minds releasing all the belief structures, indoctrinations, forced BS, history and propaganda, we leave no space for reality, the real , the new, the true to have space. Mind Control is very real. Technology has been abused to make it powerfully seeded. Only our self knowledgecritical minds and fearlessness can defeat this vurulent enemy”.

There is a rich plethora on the site of returning to the Common Law and our sovereign being, expedited through the Covid debacle, mortgage and banking fraud and other machinations to bring us the sort of future we have not only all aspired to but will get to experience in our lives.

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