evolution not [re]volution


Pause for a second...

Think about it: there’s a marked difference between evolution and revolution. We always talk about revolution as being synonymous with change. But is it? For eons, humanity has been tricked with the convolution of language. Semantics. Words have power and energy. And revolution doesn’t mean what you think…


[re] = go backward

Suffix. [Re]. To go backward. Revolution. Also meaning to go around in a circle. One word with two totally different definitions. Doesn’t make sense does it? We’ve been led to believe that a revolution is good for us. But is it? Does humanity want to go around in circles? Because that’s what we’ve been doing for centuries.



We need to evolve. We need to become anarchists. And no. Anarchy doesn’t mean what we’ve been led to believe it means. The true anarchist is an evolved being. And we need to evolve from the toxic consciousness that has pervaded humanity for so long. See Epiosde 24 of the podcast for more

Awakening Nation was created in  response and contribution to a rapidly changing society where our very existence is being attacked and threatened. It is a platform to offer education, solutions and remedy, as well as collaborative community.



Through shedding false egos and old paradigms only then can we then shift into our evolution: with solution oriented focus, support of our fellow beings and solidarity with our sisters and brothers.

The work here is done on a voluntary basis of service and contribution.  Your energy exchange of a donation supports the energy exchange of the work done here.




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