Ep.24: We Don’t Need a Revolution; We Need Anarchy

In this episode, myself and my friend of 5 years, Patrice Leriche, Cross Cultural Specialist and Linguist in seven languages, discuss the true definition of words that many people in the truth movement are using: Revolution and Anarchy - in fact, out of context....

Ep. 23: The Root of all Evil – The City of London and the Crown Corporation

In context to current geo-political events, the transhumanist agenda and totalitarian takeover of the planet under the guise of the pandemic, Dean Henderson talks about the *major* role of the crown corporation as the absolute head of the beast relative to these...

Ep. 22: The Largest Peaceful Protest in Human History Against Globalist Food Takeover

  The LARGEST peaceful protest in the history of humanity took place on November 26, 2020 where a staggering 250,000,000 pan-India stood together in workers strike. Why? Against the nefarious farm bills surreptitiously passed without debate during lockdown,...

Ep. 21: The Great Reset vs Nature – Sacred Feminine vs the Perverted Profane

  Is the descent of the Great Reset upon us a chance to heal and evolve into our higher nature? One of the most important episodes I’ve done in my opinion! Amazing episode - please find the time to watch it fully (yes it's feature length!) We cover: - the Great...

Ep. 20: GROW – Self Sufficiency and Community Living

  A fabulous community project in Lancashire, UK, founded by wellbeing educator and first time grower Dawn Samples and her partner, eco-architect Phillip de Beer, teaching people self sufficiency and community sufficiency to get back to basics and back to the...


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The Largest People’s Uprising in the History of Humanity Against the Globalist Takeover of Food

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evolution not [re]volution

There’s a marked difference. Do we want a revolution? To go around in circles. Or do we rise as humanity? #defiancenotdeference



Collaboration; Cooperation; Community.

We can’t create a new world with old thinking and behaviours. When we change, the world changes.