Ep. 38: Legal Entrapment: from Ancient Rome to Present Day Digital Tyranny

In this episode, I speak with Chad Manian about the architecture and mechanisms of modern tyranny, namely legal entrapment, the history that surrounds it going back to Roman Imperialism and the three ways in which the system uses to entrap us. Chad has has 42-0 wins...

Ep. 37: Know Who You Are: Law, Spiritualty, Word Spells & the Justinian Deception

In this eclectic and casual conversation, I speak with Kali Spell about her Illuminate & Elevate project - to illuminate the dark deception since time immemorial and eventually begin to elevate our minds into our true status. We have been born into a prison planet...

Ep. 36: The Real Reason Behind C@V1D – the Financial Reset

This is my second interview with Sovereign Pete, another jam packed episode where we cover the real reason behind the alleged pandemic. If you haven't seen it yet, please watch the first interview with myself and Pete here, Episode 34 Stand in Your Sovereign Power....

Ep. 35: Take Back your Power: Control the Strawman and Private Members Associations

In this episode I speak to Peter Wilson about controlling the strawman (not owning!) and private member's associations for business owners, which is currently increasing in Australia and Canada with the draconian measures in place. Peter is an ex-Royal Navy armourer...

Ep. 34: Survive the Great Reset and Stand in Your Sovereign Power

This interview is going viral as I type this post. It's now my *most watched* interview and it's only been published for less than 72 hours (at the time of posting this blog)! This is a jam packed episode where we cover A LOT (I can't apologise this is a HUGE area!)....


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The Truth About India. A First-Hand Account. Genocide. Starvation. Corruption

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There’s a marked difference. Do we want a revolution? To go around in circles. Or do we rise as humanity? #defiancenotdeference



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